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Maintenance methods of jeans
Nov 30, 2018

When it comes to the way to maintain jeans, we have to start from the following steps:

First, the basic washing method

A. Dark jeans should be kept in the original color with white vinegar + water (white vinegar: water, 1:20) or soaked in salt water for about 20-30 minutes before the first time.

B. Dark and light colors are washed separately: mixing together will cause color to be dyed.

C. Do not use bleach. Washing with washing powder without enzyme-added blue particles, because the enzyme-added washing powder has a bleaching effect, which has an effect on the color of the jeans.

D. Avoid direct sunlight exposure: direct sunlight exposure will cause severe oxidation and fading.

E. Drying in a ventilated place: Non-ventilating will make the trousers not easy to dry and will produce odor.

F. Wash as much as possible on the reverse side.

Second, the basic maintenance methods

A. Dark cotton jeans should be worn 3-5 times or once a week.

B, light color: white, khaki, camel color... it depends on the pollution situation. The best cleaning time for jeans is 6-12 months 

C. The secret of using new primary (dark blue) jeans for second-hand or very old and personal style natural fading........ 1. Not necessary Never wash in the water, as long as you endure the smell (the jeans that Kimura Takuya maintained for more than two years without washing). 2. Wear more rubbing on the surface of the trousers when wearing it, because the place where the jeans are in contact with the body naturally produces oxidative fading and a slight oil ester effect.

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